There Is Always Tomorrow

Right when I clocked out at 5pm, I left the house and headed to Aldi. Even though Luke was picking up a Walmart order for us, a few items were apparently out of stock. So off I went to grocery stop number one.

It was a mad house. In the parking lot, everyone was driving fast. Even in the store there was this feeling of “rushing”. There was an abnormal amount of people in line to get to the cash register. To be honest it felt like the start of the Covid pandemic all over again. As I walked around the store I wondered if I had missed some important news headline.

Target was no different. People rushing here, rushing there. Long lines. I didn’t know if it was me or everyone, but I couldn’t get myself to relax.

On my way home I tried breathing slowly in order to calm myself down…but was almost cut off by a semi truck cruising through the roundabout ahead of me without even tapping the breaks. A semi.

What on earth? It was like the world had gone crazy. And maybe it was just me. I don’t know. Maybe it was the fact that I went out right at 5pm.

I’ll try not to do that again.

All the while I just kept feeling like the day was a waste. Work was just average. I was tired and irritable. I really just wanted to go to bed. I kept thinking, what’s the point of today anyway?

But the whole time a conversation I had with a friend a few days prior was on my mind. We talked about how God loves us on an individual level, and how sometimes that’s hard to really come to grips with. But just as I told her then, I still believe and know that he does. And I want everyone to believe it as I do – even if I’ve only just begun to grasp that incredible reality.

So if God loves me, how was that to affect the weird situation of having a dumb day and a rushy rushy grocery shopping experience?

I guess I don’t know. But it did bring me comfort knowing that he makes insignificant days more significant, simply because he sees me and is with me. Maybe the day didn’t amount to a whole lot, but he saw it all. That makes it feel a little more purposeful. And maybe if I would have slowed down a little bit longer, I could have learned something meaningful while I ate my green olives straight out of the jar before heading to the next stop.

But tomorrow is another day. And another opportunity to take it a little slower and not get caught up in the chaos around me.

Tomorrow will be another opportunity to start my day off on the right foot.

Tomorrow will be another opportunity to strive a little less, and depend on Him a little more.

– Kristen Larson

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